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Summer Youth Employment Program

1. How did you hear about the Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP)? *

2.  Where did you work during the summer?*

3. Did you acquire any new workplace skills during the program? *

4. Did you face any challenges while working at your worksite? *

5.  Please rate the following:*

Program Orientation

Financial Literacy Workshop with New York Community Bank

SYEP Career Fest

Overall experience in the program

6. What industry or company would you have liked to work for? *

7. What industry would you have liked to learn more about? *

8. Are there any special accommodations or requests that would have made your work experience a better one?  *

9. Would you apply for SYEP again next year? *

10. What aspect of the program were you most satisfied with? *

11. What aspect of the program were you least satisfied with? *

12. Would you recommend this program? *

13. Is there anything you would change or improve about the program? *

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