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Success Stories


KY is a 24-year-old young man that entered the program because of a criminal history.  Mr. Y expressed to the staff of ME that no adult had ever told him, that he had a bright future and was worth much more than society has labeled him.  During the intake process Mr. Y cried because he expressed the uncertainty of his future, and the fact that everyone around him deemed him as lost. 


After entering the ME program, Mr. Y was co-enrolled in the Nassau Legal Society of Nassau and Suffolk County to assist with his criminal history by ensuring that his rap sheet was correct and sealed.  During this process Mr. Y complied with all the necessary steps by attending all required workshops which is part of our 14 elements to get him to the Commercial Driving Training School, where he would pursue a CDL license.  On February 24th, 2020 Mr. Y completed all the required tests to certify a person as a CDL driver.  The staff of Mission Employmnet congratulates Mr. Y on his successful completion and passing requirement, which now grants him the title as a Class A CDL driver.

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