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Customized Training Application
Step One

Customized Training (CT) offers you an opportunity to offset some of the costs associated with training your staff.  The main objective of CT is to provide structured training for your employees to gain the knowledge and skills needed to be competent in the job and/or to obtain stable employment.


To apply for CT funding, please complete the application below.  Please visit our FAQ page to learn more.




If other: 

Brief description of company product(s)/services:

Training Timetable

Outline the proposed schedule for training implementation, including training start and end dates.


Training Needs

Please indicate the need(s) for which you are requesting funding for training (select all that apply):

If other: 

Please indicate the method(s) of CT (select all that apply):

Proposed Outcomes of Training Project

For each training program that will be delivered to the employee, please complete the following questions:

*For classroom training, please provide a time-framed curriculum for each occupation for which training is
provided. Also indicate if the employer will provide the training directly or through a third party. If the third party is an institution of higher education, please specify if the institution is included on the New York State Eligible Training Providers List (ETPL).

Select File

Thank you for your submission. Please proceed to Step Two to complete the application.  Step Two must be completed within 10 days of completing Step One.

An error occurred. Please make sure you have filled in all the required fields.

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