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Pre-Award Review Business Application

Customized Training (CT) offers you an opportunity to offset some of the costs associated with training your staff.  The main objective of CT is to provide structured training for your employees to gain the knowledge and skills needed to be competent in the job and/or to obtain stable employment.


To apply for OJT funding, please complete the application below.  Please visit our FAQ page to learn more.

Instructions: Please complete all items on this application. To facilitate your review, please prepare this application electronically, if possible.  

Please indicate which training program you are applying for (select all that apply):

A. Company Information

B. Contact Person

C. Company Background

1. Has your company relocated from another area in the U. S. within the last 120 days?

If so, were there any employees laid off at that former location?

2. How long have you been in business in this area?

3. How many full-time employees do you have?

4. Are any employees on layoff currently?

5. Have any WARN notices been filed within the past year?

6. Has your business sought WIOA/TGAA or other assistance in connection with past or impending job losses at other facilities during the past year?

7.  Is your business currently engaged in any labor disputes with a labor organization?

8. Will any currently employed individuals be displaced (even partial displacement such as reduction in hours) by the OJT trainee, intern, or transitional worker?

9. Does the company have the necessary facilities, staff and equipment to provide quality training?

10. Are the facilities and equipment within the worksite where the OJT trainee, intern, or transitional worker will work safe (e.g. they do not present any obvious safety or health concerns)?

11. Is your company willing and able to provide the OJT trainee, intern, or transitional worker with the support they need to be successful in their training?

D. Job Position Information

1. What job titles/job descriptions are you seeking to fill with OJT trainees, interns, and/or transitional workers? (You can use the job description form provided – can attach existing job descriptions in lieu of completing job description Section in the form).

2. Are jobs expected to last a year or more in the normal course of business?

3. Are any of these jobs newly created?

4. Are all job openings in New York State?

5. Will the OJT trainee, intern, or transitional worker be required to participate in
sectarian or political activities?

6. If approved to receive an OJT trainee, will the hourly wage for this trainee be the same rate as employees with similar job titles and similar experience/skill levels?

7. If approved to receive an OJT Trainee, will the trainee be paid at a time & and a half rate for hours worked beyond 40 per week?

8. If approved to receive an OJT trainee, will the trainee be provided benefits to the same extent as other FT employees?

9. Are any of the jobs considered for an OJT candidate classified as “independent
contractor” positions, or would individuals not be employed by your firm during the entire training period?

10. Are any of the jobs covered by a collective bargaining agreement?

If so, we will need to obtain a letter of concurrence from the union(s). Please indicate the following:

11. Do any of the jobs pay based upon commissions, tips, piece work or incentives?

12. Would participation in a business training program provide opportunities for
permanent employment and/or advancement within the company?

13. What percentage of previous trainees, over the last two (2) years, have completed
training and been retained by your firm?

E. Company Applicant Signature

Job Description 

Complete a separate description for each title.

Add Additional Job Description

Job Description

Complete a separate description for each title.

Thank you for submitting this form!

An error occurred. Please make sure you have filled in all required fields.  Thank you.

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