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Job Fair Jobseeker Survey

6. Race

10.  How did you hear about the Job Fair?*

11. Did the Job Fair meet your expectations?*

12.  What did you like most about the Job Fair?*

13.  How organized was the event?*

14.  Was the event too long, too short, or about right?*

15.  What type of employers  and/or specific companies would you like to see at future job fairs?*

16. Why did you attend the job fair (check all that apply):

17.  How likely are you to attend our annual Career Fair in the future? *

18. Did you have meaningful interactions with the employers you visited at the fair?

19. Did you receive/do you anticipate receiving a job offer or interview invitation as a result of attending the job fair

20. Do you have any comments or suggestions for improving future job fairs?

Thank you for submitting your responses!

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