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Youth Assessment and Individual Service Strategy



English language comprehension level:

Additional Issues/Barriers

Employment Related Issues/Barriers

Job Search Knowledge and Skills

Framework of an ISS:

  Directly linked to one or more indicators of performance

Based on the objective assessment

Identifies a career pathway that includes education and employment goals

Brief Assessment Overview

Identify personal, educational, occupational, financial, medical, childcare, transportation, housing, food/nutrition



Service/Resource/Partner Agency Referral


Identify personal, educational, and occupational short - and long - term goals

Goal Type

Short - Term Goal (3 months or less)

Long - Term Goal (4 months or more)

Youth and Case Manager Agreements:

For Youth - I agree to:

Contact my Case Manager monthly or as often as necessary to update my progress on this plan. I understand that my case can be closed if I go 90 days without participating in a service .

Let my Case Manager know of any problems which would cause changes to any activities or interfere with completing the plan.

Seek, accept and maintain employment that meets my planned goal(s) as stated above.

 Contact my Case Manager when I become employed, and provide all necessary information pertaining to the job.

Stay in contact with my Case Mana ger for up to a year after exiting the program to maintain and support meeting my goals.

For the Case Manager - I agree to:

Assist with the appropriate career guidance, training and supportive services.

Coordinate with other agencies and programs to help you obtain needed services.

Monitor your participation and progress in the activities above.

Assist you in your search for employment.

Maintain contact with you for up to one year after you obtain employment for employment retention and career advance ment purposes.

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