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Job Readiness Services for Unemployed and Underemployed Youth

If you are eligible, available services may include:

  • Leading you through a series of job readiness and computer skills workshops

  • Funding your occupational skills training in a variety of education programs

  • Helping to match you with employers on Long Island

  • Linking you with on-the-job training and internship opportunities with Long Island businesses

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Participant Inquiry Form

Are you currently attending or enrolled in school (including home, alternative, secondary and/or post-secondary)?

What is the highest grade completed?


Are you authorized to work, or able to obtain authorization to work (i.e., working papers) in the U.S.?

Employment Status

Are you employed?

Are you underemployed?

(Underemployed individuals are defined as one of the following: 

(1) individuals employed less than full-time who are seeking full-time employment; or (2) individuals who are employed in a position that is inadequate with respect to their skills and training; (3) individuals who are employed who are low-income; or (4) individuals who are employed, but whose current job’s earnings are not sufficient compared to their previous job’s earnings from their previous employment, per State and/or local policy.)

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Thank you for submitting your form.  We will be in contact shortly.

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