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Transitional Jobs Interest Form

Transitional jobs programs are a time-limited work experience for individuals with barriers to employment who are chronically unemployed or have inconsistent work history.  These programs helped individuals establish a work history, demonstrate work success in an employee/employer relationship, and develop the skills that lead to permanent employment.  HempsteadWorks pays the wages of transitional workers, and the transitional job cannot exceed 6 months.  Please complete the form below if you are interested in participating in a transitional job program.

1. To what sector does your business belong?
2. To which industry does your organization belong (select all that apply)?
3. Has the establishment been the subject of a Federal, State, or City investigation, criminal, or civil action?
4. Is the worksite child-care related?
5. Will transitional worker complete community service projects?

Thank you for submitting this form! We will be in contact soon.

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