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Career Center Customer Satisfaction Survey

As a consumer of our services, we hold your opinion in the highest regard. For this reason, we are asking  you to help us evaluate our program by providing feedback on the enclosed survey. Your response will be  seriously considered and carefully analyzed. 

Please read the instructions that are printed on the survey, complete it and return it to the instructor. We  appreciate your assisting us to improve and maintain the highest standards of quality. 

Each statement listed below relates to your initial experiences with our Career Center. For each  statement please ✓ the one number on the scale of 1 through 4 which indicates the degree to which you  agree with that statement. On this scale, the Number 4 signifies the HIGHEST level of agreement  and the Number 1 represents the LOWEST. 

When you first arrived at the Career Center, the staff greeted you promptly and courteously. 

The Career Center services forms and procedures were explained clearly.

The time it took to receive information was reasonable.

The resources provided in the Resource Room (computers, video tapes, labor market  information, etc.) were helpful and informative.

How were you referred to the Career Center? Please ✓ the appropriate choice(s) below. 

Answer the following question ONLY if the services offered by the Center were NOT appropriate to  your needs.

Did the staff offer to refer you to other agencies for additional services?

Thank you - your survey has been submitted.

An error occurred. Please make sure you have filled out all required fields.  Thank you!

The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act Title I financially assisted program is an equal opportunity employer / program. Auxiliary aids and services are  available upon request to individuals with disabilities.

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